SVS100VPS.MIC - 1 Sensor system Radar (Microwave) 5 Zone sensor system

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Micorwave or Radar sensor system - single sensor that works in harsh environments like, Rain, Dust, Hail, Snow, Fog and harsh Temperatures. With a 5 Zone detection area with a factory set configerable distance from 0.1 - 20m with the ability to plug a camera and monitor into the system which gives a 5 Zone visual overlay on the screen.

  • 10-32vDC Operating Voltage

  • 24 GHz FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar Technology)

  • 1 x Trigger Wire

  • 1 x Output Wire

  • 100Deg Horizontal Angle

  • 40Deg Veryical Angle

  • Frequency: 24.000 to 24.200GHz

Using FMCW Radar technology this kit gives an audible output when object is detected

Frequency 24.00~24.20GHz


  • Programmable Detection Distance: 0.1—20m  equally divided in 5 detection zones (distance of each zone and detection range can be both customised)

  • Single sensor operation, wide antenna beam angle

  • Image alarm overlapping


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SVS100VPS.MIC2 - 2 Sensor system Radar (Microwave) 5 Zone sensor system SVS100VPS.MIC2 - 2 Sensor system Radar (Microwave) 5 Zone sensor system
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